Thursday, September 23, 2010

More traffic lights please, we're Singaporeans!

When driving to work this morning, I've noticed that between traffic light A and traffic light B which are about 200m apart, a new traffic light is under construction. Yes, for some elite reasons, the higher power at LTA has decided that 200m is too far and having one traffic light every 100m is definitely more appropriate and vehicle-friendly.

Another reason for this new traffic light could be due to its location. It is built right outside a primary school. This could make sense. I can totally understand how tiring and frustrating it is to walk up to 100m to the nearest traffic light just to cross the road, especially with a super heavy school bag on the back and a yelling restless kid holding your hand. Of course I'm talking about the maids.

I'm so sure that this new traffic light is the result of letters from concerned parents to the LTA, fearing that their kids are jaywalking the road dangerously. Never underestimate the power of parents. Even if they might have never fetched their kids from school before, their sixth-sense-of-a-parent will tell them their kids have not been using the traffic light 100m away.

So as a responsive and responsible statboard that cares for the people, the honorable LTA builds a new traffic light. Kind of reminds me of the incident when there were some residents at some estate complaining about some old uncles and aunties gambling at the stone tables at the void deck, and the authority responded by removing the stone chairs from the stone tables.

Anyway, I suppose the manual car owners should be receiving the gift of this new traffic light happily. Now they can drive their cars like auto cars without the hassle of constantly changing gears.

First gear, accelerate, brake, first gear, accelerate, brake, first gear...

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